Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall Means School!

Owen started preschool last Monday! He and Dan are doing a pre-3s co-op preschool two mornings a week, for two hours each. The goal is for Dan to go on Mondays, and get a two-hour break on Wednesdays. So far, Owen LOVES it, and gets very excited when we ask him about school.

The structure of the class we chose is perfect for him. The day starts with 30 minutes of outside play on the playground. Then comes snack/lunch. And then there is a 45-minute free play time, with several dedicated theme rooms. There's a climbing room, an arts/crafts room, and a room with books, blocks, and "dramatics" (baby dolls, toy kitchen, etc). The kids have free range during this time to do as they please, and group as they want. The day ends with a circle time for stories and songs, and then the kids get stamps on their hands.

After Owen's first day, he went down for a nap an hour earlier than normal. You KNOW you've succeeded when two hours wears him out that much! :)

Here are some first-day pictures of our big guy:



And for good measure, here's my 20 week belly picture:


17 weeks to go!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Halfway - Mango Baby

At 19 weeks, 3 days pregnant, we're a little more than halfway through this pregnancy. We had our anatomy ultrasound this morning, and things look very good. Baby was snoozing in the corner of his/her little home and did not want to move, but with enough poking and prodding, he/she woke up and had a dance party. We have another wild child on the way!

Here are the photos I promised:

Profile with hand/arm over the head:

Stretching out, kicking up his/her feet:

Babysaurus (spine):


Very cool! 18-ish weeks to go. Right now, Baby is about the size of a mango, and can start to hear and see light. I guess that explains the kicks of protest when I sing along with the radio, huh?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Another Post

I'm trying to be better about posting. Pretty good, huh? :)

On days that we have doctor's appointments, I get to work from home. I love these days! It's nice to sleep in a little from normal, skip the 24-mile commute each way, and see my favorite guys during the day.

This morning, Dan and Owen scoped out a new park in Magnolia. It's a perfect park for Owen because there is a lot of room to run, and a slide that he couldn't get enough of. It gave me a couple of uninterrupted hours to work, but it's hard to miss out on the fun.


After the play time, Dan and I went to our 18-week appointment. It was, thankfully, very uneventful! We heard the heartbeat on the doppler (we also listened at home last night) and scheduled our 20-week anatomy scan a few days early (next Thursday). We're still going to wait until birth to find out the sex, but it will be great to see how Baby has grown since our last ultrasound at 13 weeks.

I'm starting to feel movement more frequently, and I felt the first kicks from the outside today. It's only going to be another month or two before things are going to get really crazy, and I can't wait! I can't wait for the kicks and hiccups and somersaults. I can't wait for the constant reassurance that things are going well. I can't wait to meet this little person and bring him/her home with us. (fingers crossed!)

Bonus Photo: Owen sharing some tunes with Mr. Peepo, his best buddy


Look for another post next week with ultrasound pictures!