Thursday, October 13, 2011

23+ Weeks, Take 3

I am currently 23 weeks and 3 days pregnant, about a month away from the third trimester. Overall, I'm feeling really good. I'm tired and I am moving differently (read: slow, awkward, waddle-y), but I was expecting that. Our new kiddo is very active, like his/her older brothers were in utero, so that's no surprise either. By now, Dan is able to feel kicks and hiccups too, so that is a great milestone to have hit again.

We had a routine appointment last week that went perfectly, and starting in a month, we'll be starting our appointments every 2 weeks. Already!

While this pregnancy has gone pretty quickly already, it still seems like we have way too long to go. The months will (hopefully) continue to fly by, and they always seem to in hindsight, but from where I'm sitting (on the couch with Owen!), 3 months still seems like a pretty long way to have to go. One day at a time, right?

Here are two photos from about an hour ago:



In Owen news, he's doing really well. His last molar finally broke through, and it seems like this was the hardest of all of his teeth. At least he was able to tell us he had an owie in his mouth, so we could give him some tylenol and cold foods to chew on. Preschool is going really well, and Dan has been able to leave him there the past two Wednesdays. Since we rarely leave him, that's a big deal! He is singing songs all the time, and can't get enough of his Thomas trains. He's getting taller and taller every day, and eats like it's going out of style. Last week, he got the flu mist for the first time, and that was SO much better than the shot for him. He "smelled" it and we were done. No tears, no screaming, no problem. He's a great kid, and just past the 2.5 year mark. Crazy!