Thursday, August 16, 2012

Drive-by Posting

Another month has passed, and my goal of posting more has not been met. Again.

Our boys are doing great!

Josh is chunking up, rolling over both ways, chatting up a storm, and eating solid foods more and more. His favorite foods right now are vanilla yogurt, sweet potatoes, and Baby Mum Mums rice rusks. Josh rode on park swings for the first time too - big success!




Cutie pie

Owen is really growing up too. He is correcting our grammar ("It's safeLY, Daddy"), telling jokes, and potty training finally! He successfully pooped in his Cars potty chair today, earning him a slingshot and red Angry Birds toy. Owen is still Josh's favorite person in the world, and is an incredibly loving and sweet big brother.

Our chickens are full grown now too, and just started laying eggs this week. We're going to make some for breakfast tomorrow!

Farmer O

First egg

It's bedtime for the boys, so I need to wrap this up, but things are going well. I have accepted a new job at Regence Blue Shield in Seattle, so I'm two work days away from wrapping up my current position. Another chapter closing, and another beginning. Wish us all luck!